BridgeCall - Free Calls FAQ

1. Install BridgeCall and verify your number.
2. Just dial as you normally would. (No need to launch the application)
3. If call receiver is a BridgeCall user, it is automatically connected to a free call. If not, It is connected to a regular call (If your BridgeCall friend is unavailbe to use internet, then call is automatically redirected to regular call.)

Invite friends as many as you can! You will enjoy more life-time free calls.
If you have more BridgeCall friends, you can make more free calls with them. You can invite your friends and families directly from 'Contacts tab' or on 'Settings->Personal Settings->Invite Friends.' Once they install BridgeCall after your invitation, you can make free calls right away.
If you are already a BridgeCall user and staying outside your county, you have no problem using free calls anywhere in the world while you have either good Wi-Fi or data network connection. 
(Please be aware that if you are using roaming data plan, you are getting charged according to your roaming data charge rate)
You can download our app for free on Google Play Store in following countries :
** After download, verify your mobile phone number just once, then you are all set! 

US, Canada, Austrailia, Japan, China, HongKong, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, Cambodia, Malaysia, Philliphine, Vietnam, India, Germany, Poland, France, Austria, Czech Republic, Netherland, Belgium, Brazil
BridgeCall only use around 30MB of data per 1hr of Free call. If you do not have enough data left, please check on "Use Bridge only on WiFi" under Settings-Call settings. BridgeCall on WiFi is totally free of use.
Since BridgeCall is using internet network to connect free call between BridgeCall users, voice quality depends on how good internet connection you have at the moment. You can directly check the network status on free call screen showing whether you have Strong / Medium / Weak network connection.
Basically, you are only able to make free calls to other BridgeCall users. If you try calling to non-BridgeCall users, then it will automatically redirect to regualr calls instead of free calls.

PremiumCall - International Calls FAQ

With Bridge PremiumCall, you can make good quality calls to any number in the world(230 nations), no matter they are landlines or mobile phones, at very affordable rates. * Calls between BridgeCall users are always FREE. Enjoy free calls between BridgeCall users and easily make cheap international calls to non BridgeCall users using PremiumCall !
It is very simple to use.
1. Open keypad in BridgeCall and select country code / Find a person from Contacts tab
2. Enter phone number / select contact
3. Make a call using PremiumCall dial button.

* You need to buy PremiumCall credit before you use.
Making a PremiumCall requires PremiumCall credit. Purchasing credit takes place through the application and payment is made through your app store. From the Settings tab in the BridgeCall application:
1. Select PremiumCall Credit
2. Select Buy Credit
3. Choose the credit amount you would like the purchase. The amount will be displayed in your local currency. Transactions will be made in US dollars.

If you consume all of your credit during a call, the call is automatically hung up with no extra charge.
No worry! Bridge PremiumCall is only based on credits purchased through the app store. The call is automatically hung up if you run out of credit.
But, make sure you use 1MB of data per 1 minute of PremiumCall, so I recommend you to use it on Wi-Fi or unlimited data condition.
Yes, Bridge PremiumCall is available when you are connected to data network like 3G, LTE, or Wi-Fi. Once a caller is on data network, a receiver take a call anywhere at anytime. (no need of data connection. Be aware 1MB of data will be consumed per 1 minute of PremiumCall, so use it on Wi-Fi or unlimited data condition.
If a receiver already saves caller’s phone number, the saved name will appear on the call screen. If a receive does not have caller’s number, then you will see his actual number as following order: random digits(ooo)-1(caller’s national number)-60412341234(caller’s phone number including area code).
You can call to 230 nations using Bridge PremiumCall and its low rates are based on your call’s destination. You can find rate info by following instructions:

1. Enter the Settings in BridgeCall
2. Select PremiumCall Credit
3. Select PremiumCall Rates
To check your call and purchase history:

1. Enter the Settings in BridgeCall
2. Select PremiumCall Credit
3. Select PremiumCall history or Purchase History
Your credit is only refundable when you haven’t used it after purchase. Please check out refund policy of company and app store.